First Aid

First Aid

What is First Aid

First Aid is a one term or a short term treatment. It is very simple and it does not require any technology. First aid can be done by less trained person or even by the injured person himself.

It consists of hot and cold therapy and it includes cleaning, flushing or soaking of wounds on the skin surface.

first aid

Importance of First Aid

Mainly, there are the following objectives of First Aid :

  • Save human life
  • Prevent the injury from becoming worse
  • Relief from pain
  • Fast recovery

Types of injuries

There are mainly two types of injuries:-

  • Blunt injury
  • Sharp injury

Blunt Injury,  a type of injury which is caused by any blunt instruments like wooden rod, walking stick, hammer, baseball bat, etc. or by any car or bike accident, punches and kicks, sports injuries, etc. and there is an appearance of swelling, redness, bruises, tenderness( sensitivity to pain), etc.

blunt injury

Sharp Injury, a type of injury which is caused by any sharp instruments like blade, knife, scissor, pointed edge of a mirror or a glass, pin, nails, needle, hand-hack saw, axe, sickle, etc.

sharp injury

Methods of treatment

There are following methods to follow for first aid:-

  • Before first aid, one should call the ambulance or nearby hospital for medical help.
  • For bleeding part, apply Dettol or any antiseptic on the surface of skin after washing it.
bleeding first aid
  • Then apply any cloth or cotton to stop the bleeding by applying some pressure over it.
  • For burned area, apply cool water for few minutes and then apply a light bandage without applying any ointment to it.
  • For sprains, Apply ice to the injured area for 20 min every 2hr for first 48-72hrs.Now apply an elastic bandage over the area very firmly.
  • No heat therapy or massage should be done in sprain otherwise it increases bleeding and swelling and also delays healing.
  • For fractures, use the cold padding and try to stabilize the part and keep it immobile.
  • For cardiac arrests, the CPR should be given primarily.

“First aid is the first step for saving lives.

First aid everywhere and for everyone.”

first aid

Don’t be a doctor, be a good person.

  • Follow humanity
  • Save lives
  • Help everyone

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