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This beautifully handmade jewellery set is made with great efficiency. The pendant part of this set made by a green flat design with double layered strings of small Pearls. The chain part of this beautiful set made up of medium size white pearl surrounded with circular beaded loops from two sides. The green bead made up of parrot green silk thread strands wrap around hollow beads. Everything of this chain is string together in the elastic wire. The ends of these elastic wire is join with the stopper. It is use to adjust the length of the necklace according to the size of the wearer.

Handmade jewellery set


This elegant necklace is completely handmade. All the materials use here are locally purchase from the famous aminabad market in lucknow,the city of nawabs.
A seperate market known as gadbad jhala in aminabad is famous for selling all the materials use for art and crafts. Its the best place to purchase art and craft materials, from a simple needle to cloth pieces, from simple colours to canvas, from small beads to pearls.

These kind of necklaces wear by working women for a working day, or maybe wear by womens or girls who like to carry not so heavy but elegant jewelleries.

These kinds of jewelleries can be found locally if artificial is a choice,and as well as in jewellery showrooms like tanishq or velvetcase if actual gold jewellery is your choice.


Although this jewellery set is not very expensive. But the hardwork to make this is find in itself. This shows that labours are putting a lot of hardwork to make an actual jewellery out of mere paper designs. This also shows the high work efficiency of such workers as well as their marvelous talent of actually converting an on paper design into a jewellery. Then it is wear by people all over the world.

Most prestigious jewellery designs can be seen in indian history. Great kings who ruled wore such beautiful jewells of very asthetic designs. Even today, many people are making traditional jewelleries from hundred of years as their forefathers did.
This is a beautiful side of indian tradation that we see in places like Jodhpur , Udaipur etc. We all should be proud of such . They are supremely talented in making jewellery & keeping the tradation of india alive.

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