Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure

Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure

Heart failure is basically defined as a pathophysiologic condition where impaired cardiac function fails to maintain adequate circulation of metabolic requirements for body tissues. Homeopathic treatment for heart failure are basically effective.

It may be acute or chronic. The term congestive heart failure (CHF) is generally used in the chronic form of heart failure where the patient has evidence congestion of fluid circulation and lung failure.


    • The various diseases that can lead to pump failure are as following:

i) Ischaemic heart disease

ii) Myocarditis

iii) Cardiomyopathies

iv) Metabolic disorders e.g. beriberi

v) Rhythm disturbances e.g. atrial fibrillation and flutter


i) Increased pressure load may occur in the following:

a) Systemic and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

b) Valvular disease e.g. mitral stenosis, aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis.

c) Chronic lung diseases.

ii) Increased volume load occurs when a ventricle needs to release more than normal blood volume leading to heart failure. This is evident in the following situations:

a) Valvular insufficiency

b) Severe anemia

c) Thyrotoxicosis

d) Arteriovenous shunts

e) Hypoxia due to lung diseases.

    • Decreased cardiac output and heart failure may be caused from extra-cardiac causes or defect in the filling of the heart e.g.: —

a) Cardiac tamponade e.g. haemopericardium, hydropericardium

b) Constrictive pericarditis

Types of Heart Failure:

Heart failure generally may be acute or chronic, left or right-sided, and forward or backward failure.

1. Acute heart failure. Sudden and rapid heart failure. In this, there is a sudden decrease in cardiac output leading to systemic hypotension but edema does not occur. Instead, cardiogenic shock and cerebral hypoxia also develops.

2. Chronic heart failure. More often, it develops slowly. In chronic heart failure, mechanisms such as tachycardia, cardiac dilatation, and cardiac hypertrophy try to make changes to maintain the proper cardiovascular output. This often creates well-maintained arterial pressure and also there is an accumulation of edema.

3. Left-sided heart failure. The onset of left heart pressure is generally established.

4. Right-sided heart failure occurs more frequently as a result of left heart failure. However, some conditions affect the right ventricle, producing heart failure from the right side.

5. Backward heart failure. According to this concept, any of the ventricles fails to emit blood normally, resulting in an increase in diastolic end volume in the ventricle and an increase in volume and pressure in the atrium producing high pressure in the arteries which is transmitted backward producing elevated pressure in the veins.

6. Forward heart failure. According to this hypothesis, clinical manifestations are directly caused by heart failure to pump blood resulting in reduced tissue blood flow, particularly decreased renal perfusion and activation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system.

Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure:

Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure

Aurum metallicum: Valvular lesions causing Heart failure. Feeling as if the heart has stopped beating for two or three seconds, immediately following by tumultuous rebound with dropping at the epigastrium. Oppression at the heart. Pulse fast, weak, feeble and inconsistent. High blood pressure.

Cardus marianus:  It effects in heart failure along with liver complaints. The pressure of pain and stiches especially in the heart region, suppression of deep breathing.

Crataegus: It is basically a heart tonic. Heart muscles so feels flabby & worn out. Weakness of heart alongwith oppression, stitching, and insomnia. Excessive dyspnea on little exertion so without much increased pulse. The heart is dialeted. The first sound is weak. i.e. incompetent valves, valvular murmurs.

Digitalis purpurea: It is an excellent remedy for heart failure with unusual heartbeat. Feeling as if heart will stop beating as it is moved, must hold its breath and don’t moved. Pulse is basically full, irregular, slow and weak, intermits every third, fifth or seventh heart beat. Weak heart. Small movements cause violent palpitation. Frequent stitches in heart.

Strophanthus: It is better to have for heart failure with edema of the legs. Heart action is weak, fast, inconsistent, due to muscle insufficiency and debility. Pulse fast, alternate with slow, weak, small irregular.


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