PUBG Mobile among 118 Chinese apps is ban: NEWS

There are an estimated 50 million active PUBG players in India. According to reports and game has some 13 million daily users.

PUBG MOBILE, a popular multi-player online shooting game, is among 118 Chinese-language applications banned by the government today amid a new Chinese outrage in Ladakh. PUBG Ban News is getting trend in India. The move aims at India’s sovereignty and integrity, defense and security, the government’s statement.

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile is basically one of the world’s top five smartphone game with over 734 million downloads. There are an estimated 50 million PUBG active players in India, according to reports and game has 13 million other users every day.

According to the IT department, these applications “involve in activities that discriminate against the sovereignty and integrity of India, safety of India, state security and social order”.

“This decision aims at ensuring the safety, security and sovereignty of the Cyber Internet of India,” the statement said. Adding that the move would protect the masses of Indian and mobile users using the Internet.

To some extent PUBG’s popularity in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a stress exam event last year. He had commented on a mother complaining about her child: “Yeh PUBG-wala hai kya (Are you a PUBG player?)”.


In June, the government generally shut down 59 mobile apps. Including Bytedance’s TikTok, Alibaba’s UC Browser and Tencent’s WeChat,. Which also raised concerns about security.

So Explaining its latest move, the department said it had received numerous complaints about the misuse of other mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. to steal and deliberately transfer user information to servers outside India.

The Department of Home Ministry cybercrime centre also recommends. That these “malicious applications” should be banned, the government said.

The statement echoed the concerns of both sides in parliament and abroad. As well as a strong track record of taking drastic action against programs that “harm the Indian sovereignty and the privacy of our citizens”.

Other blocked apps today include games, online payment services, dating sites and selfies editing software.

The move comes a day after the government accused Chinese troops of attacking again. at the South Bank of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Chinese troops also made a similar attempt on August 31. But Indian troops were able to protect both times, the government said.

There have been basically a series of conflicts and clashes in Ladakh and China since May. In June, 20 soldiers died in a state of war in the Galwan Valley. China also suffered injuries but did not disclose the number.

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